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22nd May 2007

the_pangolin2:10pm: I don't know if anyone has posted about this yet, but I saw it this morning:

"Viagra Helps Jet-Lagged Hamsters"

On the one hand, there's something really cute and silly about it. On the other, it sort of bothers me that they're testing things like this on hamsters.

6th September 2005

dreamli219:19am: Hi, I'm new the community but i need people's help, my hamster has been scartching alot lately and he has a little cut and a red bump scab looking thing on it's belly. It's as active as it use to be but then it keeps scartching and licking the wound. I tried putting ointment on it but then it after a little bit it starts licking the wound again. I'm scared it might ingest some of the ointment. but it has no reaction to it? Should I take it to the vet or wait a little while and see if the ointment is working? because it's just a tiny little cut and a small little red scab. And I have been using this kaytee aspen bedding for it and some people suggested I change to carefresh. What is everyone's opinion on that? Any feedback would be great.

29th March 2005

fluffity2:37pm: Seattle Syrian Breeders
Greetings One and All,

Having recently lost my hamster to old age, I've been searching high and low on-line to find a breeder for Syrian Hamsters, preferably black ones, in the Seattle area. I would like to avoid huge places like PetCo because of the possibility to excessive inbreeding, etc. If any of you know of anyone or have suggestions of places I might not have checked, please say so. Thank you!

26th March 2005

mousse4me10:36pm: I'm new and I just got two
I've just recieved two female ham hams for Easter! They're baby Syrians. They're gorgeous babies. One is dark brown to light black,and is named Kishu,and the other is sandy colored and called Duchess. They're just so kawaii. Oh! I'm Lizzie,by the way. I'm 24. These are my second set of hamsters. The other two I had to get rid of because we moved. These babies were raised together I assume,so there shouldn't be any problems,right? As far as fighting...

3rd November 2004

number1gerifan5:38pm: SO CUTE!!!
This is so adorable: http://www.stargazy.org/hamstersinhats/.

12th August 2004

number1gerifan11:20pm: My hammy!

Hey everybody! I took webcam pics of my hamster, Murphy (named after Brittany Murphy). This was a tremendous challenge coz not only is he hyperactive but he's a black bear hamster so I had to turn on extra lights so he could be seen. I put him on top of the computer and took some pictures. I hope you like them!

And this pic is my favorite one:

10th August 2004

awb6:16pm: Ruthie the Little Ham-Ham
I just thought it'd be fun if I posted a few pictures of my little ham-ham. Here's Ruthie!Collapse )
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28th July 2004

hollysucks2:43am: hey! i'm new here. i currently only have dwarf hamsters, but my favorite hamster of all passed away about a month ago. i still miss her. she's the only hamster i've ever had that would actually cuddle with me. her name was sugar.

right now i have a dwarf named chewy, who i'm slowly turning into a *sugar*. <3<3

12th July 2004

break_likeahart11:59am: Hello, im new here and i just need some info. I bought a hamster last week and she had babies last night. We called the pet store and we want to keep them. if anyone has anytips or anything please share.



6th July 2004

lipgloss7011:33pm: Will you vote for my baby hamster? ;-)

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one_eye_hamster1:13pm: hi :)
we're new!!

this is my little Cy !!!Collapse )

as you can tell by my lj name, cy only
has one eye. she was at the pet store for
almost 6 months, no one wanted her. Cyclopse
was her name at the pet store, since she
was there for so long, so i just shortened
it up and made it a little more feminine :)

she's the BEST hamster in the world. she is
SO tolerant, she lets my little cousin
play with her (with supervision !!!)

man, i love her !

<3 heather and cy
Current Mood: rejuvenated

19th June 2004

awb5:40pm: Just A Quick Question
I've had my little hammie for about a week now. She's been getting friendlier, but I'd really love to pick her up, so she'll start trusting me more. When should I try to pick her up? In another week? Few days? Today? Thanks for reading. :)
Current Mood: curious

18th May 2004

crip21baby1:33pm: xposted
so..i'm not sure if i should post this in the hamster community or the ghost community, so i'm doing it in both!

ok, my hamster cokey was acting very strange last night. she's usually very active, but last night, she was extremely still and alert. her ears were straight up and she was just staring at something. but there was nothing there.

my roomate and i have been packing to leave our dorms so we weren't sure if maybe that had something to do with this. but when i had her in my hands i tried offering her cheese and all sorts of other treats, cokey is a pig and she usually eats if i offer her anything. this time, she didnt even sniff the food.

earlier in the day, i had lost a jar of something i really needed. and the weird thing about that is i remember exactly what i did and where i left it, but when i went to go put it away, it was gone. we haven't found it yet...and our room is almost empty.

so we decided to conduct an experiment, we took cokey out of the room and into the staircase. once we got there, she was back to her normal self. she started exploring and sniffing around, she even ate. we let her enjoy herself for a bit and the minute we got back into the room, she stopped and started staring again...we were so worried. i dont know if this is normal hamster behavior. or if she was seeing a ghost? the thing that further confused me is that my rat was acting completely normal. the rat is younger, not even 6 months yet so i wasn't sure of maybe she was too excited with eating and wanting to come out. cokey's a little over a year old...it was really scary and my roomate and i had these bad feelings being in our room...could it just be all the movement and packing...or maybe i should take her to the vet? or is it a ghost? i just...dont know and i dont have money to take her to the vet if it's not necessary.

any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you so much if you respond. i just want my angelface to be ok.
Current Mood: worried

10th April 2004


One of my new hamsters!Collapse )

17th March 2004


is it normal for her to sleep on her side like that, none of my other hamsters have ever done it!</b>

15th March 2004


isabella my black bear european hamster
Isabella!Collapse )

3rd March 2004

godrox11:29pm: hammies...
+3Collapse )
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8th February 2004

lipgloss7012:24am: Mr. Bonkers Sleeping

Here's Mr Bonkers - he was sleeping like this!
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27th January 2004

lipgloss704:41am: Hi, and new here
Hi, i'm new here, and got a picture of my hamster last week, so wanted to post a picture of my cutie.

Introducing Mr. Bonkers

Current Mood: calm

31st October 2003

crip21baby8:59pm: please help-- X posted
hello, this is my first post here and i was wondering if someone could help my roomate and i.

she got a hamster last year and she's been doing very well. the problem is that we live in a dorm and hamsters aren't welcome here.

we managed to hide her all last year but this year, they were on to us. angie (the ham ham) has been living with my roomies friend for since she was last caught. this friend and my roomie had a falling out and i was wondering if anyone out there would be able to help us out?

she's a very cute ham ham and i would give her to my boyfriend but we have enough animals there already.

if anyone wants to help you can either respond to this post or email me at candyangel420@yahoo.com

please help us out. we want nothing more than a good home for angie. she's the sweetest thing you could ever imagine.

thank you for your time.

10th August 2003

jakline11:06am: New photo
Tem foto nova no fotolog do meu hamster galera ;)
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9th August 2003

jakline7:23pm: Hello Hamsterslovers ;)
My name is Jaqueline and I love these animals. They are cute, funny and tinny..hehehe.You can also ckeck our fotolog acccount with daily update of picture from hamsters from all over the world.
*best regards*
Jaqueline - A Hamsterlover numer 1
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