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so..i'm not sure if i should post this in the hamster community or the ghost community, so i'm doing it in both!

ok, my hamster cokey was acting very strange last night. she's usually very active, but last night, she was extremely still and alert. her ears were straight up and she was just staring at something. but there was nothing there.

my roomate and i have been packing to leave our dorms so we weren't sure if maybe that had something to do with this. but when i had her in my hands i tried offering her cheese and all sorts of other treats, cokey is a pig and she usually eats if i offer her anything. this time, she didnt even sniff the food.

earlier in the day, i had lost a jar of something i really needed. and the weird thing about that is i remember exactly what i did and where i left it, but when i went to go put it away, it was gone. we haven't found it yet...and our room is almost empty.

so we decided to conduct an experiment, we took cokey out of the room and into the staircase. once we got there, she was back to her normal self. she started exploring and sniffing around, she even ate. we let her enjoy herself for a bit and the minute we got back into the room, she stopped and started staring again...we were so worried. i dont know if this is normal hamster behavior. or if she was seeing a ghost? the thing that further confused me is that my rat was acting completely normal. the rat is younger, not even 6 months yet so i wasn't sure of maybe she was too excited with eating and wanting to come out. cokey's a little over a year was really scary and my roomate and i had these bad feelings being in our room...could it just be all the movement and packing...or maybe i should take her to the vet? or is it a ghost? i just...dont know and i dont have money to take her to the vet if it's not necessary.

any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you so much if you respond. i just want my angelface to be ok.
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